increase engagement in
Telegram community
See each other on the map, share plans, collect your trips in a diary
Visualize community participants
on the map
Map of community participants directly on Telegram without any downloads
Sharing plans helps stay connected
Sharing plans helps stay connected, when participants travel between countries
Choose accuracy according with privacy
Participants can choose accuracy of their location - exact/city/country, also they can send location as text
Animated notifications about movements
Animations help to understand the scale of journey and can also be used as content for social networks
How It Works
Create group in the bot and get invite link
Turn on pre-moderation if you need to
You can enable pre-moderation, you accept or decline every join request
Share the invitation link with groupmates
They need to follow the link to join the community in the bot
Groupmates share location
They can send the real coordinate or send the name of the place
You can see community on the map
500+ communities with 10000+ participants
using WhoWhere
Reviews of community leaders
Start using for free
you need only community in Telegram